Exciting news!  You can now find some of our crystals and gems locally at Herbal Wisdom Institute in Prescott Valley, AZ

Crystals, Gems & Minerals
Great Quality at Affordable Prices

We're Jay and Theresa Lode, owners of The Rusty Lode, LLC and we like rocks!  So much so that we purchased the inventory of a well reputed gem and mineral business and decided to go into business for ourselves. 

Our goal is to keep up the reputation of the folks we bought this from and provide great quality at affordable prices.  We are based out of Prescott, AZ and until we get more established, will be in shows in Arizona.  Eventually, we'll include some of our home state of Montana.  But I'm getting ahead of myself. 

We sell beautiful crystals, gems and minerals.  Kids especially love the tumbled stones and colorful glass stones.  We also have pieces of copper for jewelry making.  And speaking of jewelry, we will be carrying some beautiful wire wrapped jewelry from an artist out of our hometown of Helena, MT. 

Got a question or are looking for a particular specimen?  Give us a shout out. 

And oh - we pay cash for estate sales and/or collections.

Live * Love* Laugh * Collect Rocks


We look forward to meeting you at our next show!

We look forward to meeting you at our next show!